FAQ's - YupIT

First got to the yupit.io website

you will find I‘M BUSSINESS button click on it.
You will be directed to the partner page where you will have to find a form asking for your venue details.

Just fill that up and we will call you.

That’s all.

Attracting Traffic

Capturing Leads

Re-engage unconverted leads

Make it easier to purchase

Nurture top and loyal customer into a brand ambassador

Upsell to existing customers

Get feedback, reviews, and referral

Deliver and Wow ‘5Es’

There are four types of offers available in YupIT

Half Hourly based offers

General offers

Loyalty Offers

Delight offers

What are half hourly based offers?

We bring in more consumers during quiet hours by offering half hourly offers. These offers are time sensitive in nature, quantity bound which is set by the partners.

These are general offers given by you. There is no time limit attach but quantity bound Value proposition of general offers is less than hourly offers.

Loyalty offers are not bound by time or quantity which are set by you. Instead, these are the offers which consumer avail for being loyal to your venue. The value proposition of loyalty offers is higher than half hourly and general offers.

These offers are for your loyal customers who are your brand ambassadors. i.e. they have recommended your venue to their social circle and people have visited your venues because of their recommendations. The value proposition of this offer is greater than all other offers.

Loyalty programs create a personal relationship between a restaurant and its customers. Its benefits can be categorized into the following sections:

Increase ROI
Low cost compared to online media and technology helps to send a message to specific customers.

Increase Sales
With the help of targeted messaging, emails and notifications reminding customers about their menu, specials giving the impression that the venues are just a click away.

Bring back repeated customers
Repeated customers are the lifeblood of most business and it is crucial in keeping customers happy by offering rewards for their loyalty.

Directly connect with customers
Focus on demographics, interest and previous purchases to send more personalized offers.

With the help of this calculator you will be able to get the approximate values of how much your revenue will increase in partnership with YupIT.

Just follow the below steps:

Go to the I’M Business page

Click on calculate now

Simply enter your venue name, average order value, and busiest day capacity.

And wallah!! Get the value report instantly.

The YupIT revenue report is based on the values provided by you regarding your business venue while taking into consideration the Google popular times section from your business page. In this report, we are going to provide you with weekly, daily as well as hourly average earnings of your place along with a potential increase in profits your business can make in partnership with YupIT.

These values represents the average order amount your venue makes in a week.

Average of Maximum no. seats occupied by the guests on your busiest day of the week.

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