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The Most Awesome Features Any Food App Must Have

October 12, 2018 | By yupitio

In a world run by apps there is an application for virtually anything and everything you can possibly think of, from watching your favorite TV series to booking the Synagogue for Bar mitzvah, the possibilities are endless.

If you are considering starting a business or a food chain, we strongly recommend that you start thinking about creating a food app for your business. Developing a viable application can amplify the reach of business by several folds.

However as it is in the case of marketing most products or services, the art of creating a great app is designing it’s features and usage in such a way that is useful from the perspective of your ideal customer.

Now the good news is we’ve got a great set of tips & tricks through which your food app will start boosting sales and creating loyal customers.

So let’s start taking advantage of the mobile application platforms:

Fun with Gamification

Who says having a little fun with food & drinks cannot be lucrative? Through the gamification functionality you can convert any of your business goals such as getting more customer review, introducing your latest menu etc, into an attractive competition or game.

The core idea behind this functionality is to develop a mindset amongst the customers that if they complete any given tasks or challenges, they would win exciting rewards.

Applications like Starbucks have taken full advantage of the gamification functionality by creating in-app contests offering variety of rewards and discounts. You can be as creative as you like with this functionality.

Just keep in mind that the rewards offered should be equal to the cost of action required from customer’s end.

Gamification is especially useful in inculcating customer loyalty. As you know that loyal customers ultimately turn into brand promoters and promotion of business through word of mouth from an existing customer has its weight worth in GOLD!!

Now who doesn’t love a personalized experience?

The term personalization has come a long way from just finding out the name and gender of users and interacting with users by just using basic information.

Collecting the information through user engagement on the app or website, you can build a strong database on all you user’s info.

You can kick this up a notch by offering rewards and discounts for filling out forms asking user preferences of food, drink or even feedback of the application.

With the help of this database you can make the entire application dynamic i.e. based on the data collected from user’s previous engagements, the view of the app can be changed as such that the things the user searched for the last time to appear first as soon as the user accesses the app the next time.

Personalization goes a long way into enhancing the wow factor for you app users but keep in mind that just because you have the user information doesn’t you have to all the time. Otherwise it might freak out the user.


You might have a great collection of products or discounts for the users, but in order to keep them coming back for more you will keep changing things every now and then.

By frequently updating your app features, be it app design, offers or even adding a new food item to the menu, will ensure that your customers do not lose interest.

On top of that by making changes to the application and keeping a track of them, you can figure which of the elements are working in your food application and which are not.


There you have it folks! Our recommendation on the set of features which will get your food app to start rocking with customers in no time. Just remember that the success of any application lies in the ease of usage and user friendly interface, to put it simply the less complicated application you make, the contribution it make to your business.

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