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What Do Guests Look For In a Restaurant Experience?

October 15, 2018 | By yupitio

The secret sauce required for the success of any restaurant is understanding the perspective of customers, their needs, wants and the things that delights them the most. When any food lover decide on visiting a restaurant he or she places trust on the restaurant’s management, their quality of food and services.
Having said that it couldn’t be any clearer that customer service plays a pivotal role in any restaurant’s success. However, the interpretation of great customer service can vary quiet bit. Now the question is what factors help in distinguishing an amazing dining experience from a nightmare?
Well the good news is we’ve got few markers which if followed thoroughly will make the dining experience of your customers, Truly TRANCENDENT!! So here we go.

1. Being Genuinely Human

Guests at restaurant just want to feel human and hate being referred to as just a table number by the staff. Trust us on this guys, a genuine smile with heartfelt greeting go a long way into making a customer yours for life. Guests want genuine interaction from you, make eye contact and have friendly atmosphere at the venue.
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Remember that your customers are people and deserve to be treated as such! Especially Gen X in particular need a real connection.

2. Knowledge is Power

Having knowledgeable staff is without a doubt a key element of a client’s experience, especially when it comes to fine dining. Wine pairings, Health specifications and information about seasonal menu specials are simply a few of those pieces of information which customers expect for their servers to have for sure.

To put it simply guests appreciate the staff who are fully informed and have trust in their suggestions. You can inculcate knowledge in your staff by continuous training in terms of new menu items, including seasonal items and making sure the staff know about all specials and cooking methods.

3. Rewarding Customer Loyalty

For any business loyal customers are weighted in gold especially in case of restaurant business where the word of mouth determines the venue’s success or eminent failure. Loyal customers always recommend their dining out places to go to the people they come in contact with in their day to day routine, hence making them all the more crucial. And the consistent business they bring to the venue just puts the cherry on top.

Now that we have made it extremely clear how important customer loyalty is the question that comes to the mind is what you can do to increase this quality.
Here’s how
• Devise a strategy through which you can track guest dining in your venue frequently and offer them some reward every now and then.
• Learn the names of regular customers and make them feel appreciated and acknowledged.
• The rewards that you offer don’t necessarily have to be in the form of grand offers but more on the track of meaningful gestures more personalized in nature for instance the guest’s favorite appetizer… but that’s just a thought.

4. Element of Surprise

Now who doesn’t like a change of pace? Shake things up a bit as customers just love surprises. Try to keep the environment of your restaurant dynamic like small changes in scenery of the venue, Pick a random guest or table and offer them free drinks, desert or dishes.
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These are small things but they excite the customers and keep them coming back for more. Bring in some entertainment. Pick a local band or ethnic dancers to perform. Do this once a week or once a month. Guest won’t know, but they’ll be pleasantly surprised.
That’s it folks from our end, hope you liked our outlooks on creating positive restaurant experience. It’s guaranteed that if you implement these practices on regular basis it will boost your venue’s appeal through leagues and miles.

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