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Our strategies to increase you daily sales

New & Returning customers

Attracting new customers with referral rewards and encouraging customer loyalty by providing them with customized offers with in-app functionality.

Increase customer order value

Functionalities like recommending additional items on the cart page during purchase, re-ordering and showcasing chef specials to increase orders value.

Drive customers during quiet hours

Rewarding customers with percentage discounts on menu items during quiet hours.

Reduce front of house labor cost

Customers can enter the specific table number while ordering and can be asked to pick their order from counter with in app self-service option.

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Our Features

  • Live data dashboard

    Get live status of all value added services like average reservations and order management.

  • Easy table booking

    Manage all the reservations being made with the click of a button

  • Order management

    Handle all the orders from start to finish with the vendor app

  • Business intelligence

    Get monthly reports of all orders being made as well as overall order value

  • Venue feedback

    Get feedback from guests for critical analysis and scope of improvement

  • Customize menu

    Modify menu items or the whole menu suitable to your requirements at moment’s notice

70% of customers agree that technology speeds up
service and increases order accuracy.

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